We offer a variety of world-class development and consulting services based on our decades of experience.

Xamarin Mobile Application Development

We offer end-to-end architecture and development services for Xamarin Forms mobile application development.  The Xamarin toolchain allows you to write an application for iOS, Android and Windows with about 80% of the code shared between platforms.  This gives you faster time-to-market and significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Web API Architecture and Development

In today’s marketplace it’s pretty rare for an application, whether mobile or web-based, to not use back-end services.  We’ve got plenty of experience in creating REST services using Microsoft’s ASP.NET Web API infrastructure to deploy friendly, sensible APIs in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

.NET Compact Framework Migration

If you’ve invested in a Compact Framework application in the past decade (or more), you are no doubt disappointed in the direction Microsoft has taken both the Compact Framework and Windows CE.  We get it.  We also heavily invested in those technologies.

But what to do?  Your application contains valuable IP and domain knowledge and rewriting it all from the ground-up is expensive, long and risky.  We’ve worked with our own applications, as well as other customers, to develop and implement migration paths that may include using Mono and even REST APIs served by embedded Linux devices.  If you need assistance, or just need some direction, contact us.

Mobile DevOps Infrastructure Build-out

Developing an application in today’s market is a lot more than installing a development tool and writing code.  It requires and entire stack that includes bug tracking systems, continuous integration, automated build and test, automated packaging and deployment and analytics.  We’re experienced in getting the entire stack up and running using Jira, Confluence, Slack, Bitbucket, Jenkins, HockeyApp, Google Analytics and more.  Start your project right and it pays large dividends in time savings, stability and higher user ratings down the road.