What Is Padarn?

Padarn is a very small-footprint ASP.NET web server designed for applications where you need a lightweight, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-configure web server.  Typical installations include Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE) and Windows Embedded Standard (Windows Embedded XP) but Padarn will run on any Windows Desktop environment (well anything that can host the .NET Framework – we’ve not tested anything released before Windows XP).

Padarn provides an ever-growing subset of Microsoft’s ASP.NET APIs which allow OEMs to leverage existing ASP.NET code and ASP.NET developer resources to get their product to market faster. Using Padarn also helps facilitate sharing code bases across platforms.

Some typical uses for Padarn include:

  • Web-based device administration (think of a typical SOHO WiFi router)
    Create web-based front ends for almost any system. From test and measurement devices and networking appliances to telematics and industrial automation, if your device has network connectivity, you can leverage Padarn to create a front end that any browser on any platform can reach.
  • Exposing REST Services for accessing device capabilities
    Create REspresentational State Transfer services so external client applications (web sites, mobile devices, desktop applications, etc) can directly and securely access device data and resources.

Simply put, if you have a device that you would like to remotely configure, update, query data from or run reports on then Padarn is the solution for you.

How much does Padarn cost?

Nothing, hurray! Padarn is free an open source. Download the source code over on GitHub.

2 thoughts on “Padarn”

  1. Dear Padarn Consulting,
    i’m interesting to develop in ASP.NET into my platform WEC 7

    Is it possible to evaluate a solution with documentation?

    I hope to receive your answer very soon,
    Best regards


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