OpenNETCF Consulting has long been equated with Managed Code for Windows CE systems.

Over the years we have expanded our expertise as markets, industries and customers evolved, but at the core we still do the same thing we’ve always done: provide world-class expertise in solving embedded application problems.

Today that means deep knowledge and experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) and applying that knowledge to not just Windows Embedded, but also embedded Linux and Mono applications.

We have strong application experience in:

  • Intelligent Building and HVAC systems
  • Machine tool operations and MTConnect
  • Telematics and Transportation application

We have always been committed to involvement with the development community and maintain a wide array of shared and open-source projects that help developers focus on solving their business problems by removing the need for everyone to roll their own infrastructure code.  Some of our more active projects include:

A full list of the projects we administer is available on Codeplex.