ORM: Transactions are now supported

I’ve just checked in new code changes and rolled a full release for the OpenNETCF ORM.  The latest code changes add transaction support.  This new release adds a load of features since the last (the last was way back in February), most notably full support for SQLite on all of the following platforms: Windows Desktop, Windows CE, Windows Phone and Mono for Android.

OpenNETCF IoC Update

I’ve released version 1.0.12221 of the OpenNETCF IoC framework.  Not a whole lot new going on – it was primarily bug fixes – but binaries for all supported Platforms (Full framework, Compact Framework, Windows Phone and Mono for Android) are included.  If you’re using it, how about showing me some love and rating it (other than “Have not used it yet” – what kind of review is that?).