AppleNETCF.IoC? An IoC container for MonoTouch

Recently, over on the IoC Project Discussions, someone asked if the library supported Mono/MonoTouch. Well it really hadn’t occurred to me to even try, since I didn’t own a Mac and the only Linux box in the house is too small a weak to even attempt development on.  In theory, however, it should work, right?  I mean it’s just C#.  I had recently ported IoC to Windows Phone 7, so I figured why not? 

I picked up a Macbook on eBay, and after spending about half a day in frustration over the unfamiliar Mac user interface (never liked it, still don’t) and another half day of trying to figure out how to build a project and wire up iPhone UI elements with the underlying code I’m happy to show this:

I understand that it’s really simple code that hardly tests out the entire library, but the code modifications to get it working were pretty minor, so I’m fairly confident it will all work.

At any rate, the updated code is now checked in and released.  If you use it, let me know.