Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. Actually no, it’s Chris Tacke and I’m the owner of OpenNETCF Consulting. OpenNETCF provides consulting services and software library development for communicating with just about anything that you might want to communicate with from an embedded device. We do low-level bus-side work on things like I2C and CAN. We do mid-level driver wrapper work for things like Zigbee and HART modems. We do upper-level things like communication to and from data storage locally or remotely. Basically if you need to get data from one “thing’ to another, we do it. We also provide a bevy of free open-source libraries to help developers work on their applications instead of reinventing the wheel.

I’m also the CTO of FramTack, LLC. We’re the producers of the Solution Family of products, for which I’m the chief architect. FramTack provides entire M2M/IoT/Intelligent Device solutions and systems. We go beyond talking to a sensor. We take sensor data, store it, aggregate it, analyze it and publish it all through a standards-based, distributed open architecture.

I’ve been doing “M2M” and solving “Intelligent Systems” problems since long before those terms were coined. I love doing it. I love helping other people quickly solve their specific problems, and I’ve seen a wide variety of applications. From explosives manufacturing to medical implant devices and a boatload of stuff in between I’ve seen it all.

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  1. Hi Chris. Found your blog while looking for a solution to a GetRequestStream timeout issue. I have enjoyed/benefited from what I have read so far. Thanks.

    BTW, slight typo on your tagline: Manged Code in an Embedded World

    Take care!



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