OpenNETCF Scanner Compatibility Library

Some days I think I have too much code “lying around”.  As you would expect from many years as a developer, I have utility libraries for all sorts of tasks.  Generally when I think something is likely to be useful for others I like to make it publicly available for anyone to use – just take a look at the list of Codeplex projects I admin.

This morning I saw a question on StackOverflow about intelligently detecting a platform and loading the proper binaries for it.  In this case it was specific to doing so with Windows Mobile barcode scanners.  I immediately thought, “hey, I have a library for that” and went to answer and give a link.  Except the link didn’t exist.  I never created the open source project for it, so the code has just been sitting here doing nothing.

Yes, this code is probably 5 years or more past it’s prime useful period due to the decline in use of Windows Mobile, but hey, I just used it on a project last week, so it’s got some life left in it.

So, here’s yet another open source library from my archive – the OpenNETCF Barcode Scanner Compatibility Library.

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