MJPEG (and other camera work)

Back in 2009 I was doing a fair bit of work for some customers in the security field.  I ended up doing some proof-of-concept stuff and ended up with some code that, while not groundbreaking, is at least might be useful to others.  It’s really too small to bother starting a Codeplex project for it, unless I get some pull requests, in which case I’ll turnn it into a full project.  In the meantime feel free to Download the source.

One thought on “MJPEG (and other camera work)”

  1. Hi ctacke
    I have adopted your mjpeg work, however I end up with a surprising problem I think. With mjpeg you don’t always have the opportunity to set the number of frames to receive per second, and that would typically be like 15 pictures per second. It’s possible to to receive the images, but converting to bitmap takes like 400 ms each. That means you will only get around 2-3 images per second. But that’s not the big issue, but that the images get stocked up, so after a short while your displaying is several seconds delayed.
    Do you have any ideas to handle this?
    Thank you in advance, Thøger


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