Windows CE on Arduino?

If you do much “maker” stuff, you’re probably aware of the Netduino, an Arduino-compatible board that runs the .NET Micro Framework.  Cool stuff and it allows you to run C# code on a low-cost device that could replace a lot of microcontroller solutions out there.

It just came to my attention today that there’s a new game in town – 86duino, an Arduino-compatible x86 board.  Say what?!  Basically we have an Arduino-size, and Arduino-cost ($39 quantity-1 retail price, hell0!) device that can run any OS that runs on x86.  Let’s see, an OS that runs on x86, does well in a headless environment, runs managed code, can be real-time, has a small footprint and low resource utilization?  How about Windows CE?  There’s no BSP for it yet that I see, but it’s x86, so the CEPC BSP is probably most of what you need for bring-up.

I’ll be looking to build up a managed code library to access all of the I/O on this and some popular shields.  Any requests/thoughts on “must-have” shield support?

2 thoughts on “Windows CE on Arduino?”

  1. Hi Chris,

    I was speaking to the manufacturer of these. The Arduino is a base for the blue SOM, which they sell separately, and they are bringing out a baseboard for the SOM as well. THe biggest negative about the Arduino format is that it doesn’t bring out the Ethernet feed – the SOM has a MAC & PHY built into it.

    There actually is a WEC7 BSP for the SOM. Drop them a line and encourage them to do a Compact Embedded 2013 port of their WEC7 BSP!

    Interesting idea putting a PCIe connector on the unit.

    Maybe this will be what I hoped the new Intel chip could have been. The Vortex86 CPU has been about for a while, and it’s performance is not phenomenal, but for CE it is probably more than enough. It’s stable at least.



    1. To clarify – the Arduino does bring the Ethernet out to a connector on the underside, but it’s awkward having to run a little jumper cable out to an RJ45.



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