An end to Comment Spam?

One of the major pain points I had with the last blog engine, and really the entire failed experiment that was the OpenNETCF Community Server, which replaced the OpenNETCF Forums was SPAM.  Comment spam caused me to shut off comments in the blog.  Forum spam caused me to have to turn on Forum moderation.  I was getting thousands of spam posts in a day, which caused me to say “screw this, I can’t wade through all of this for the few valid posts”, so I quit bothering to even moderate it, the site quickly went stale and eventually I just turned it off. I still have all of the content, though it’s spam riddled and I’m not even sure what the value of old Compact Framework related questions is (more on this thought later).

At any rate, WordPress has a filtering plug in called Akismet that says it has some form of algorithm that takes info from all sorts of WordPress sites, puts it together, and uses it to block comment and pingback SPAM.  It’s $5 a month, which is a bargain if it works and allows me to not think about dealing with spammers.  We’ll see how it goes.

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