A New Blog Engine, and hopefully more frequent posts

I’ve you’ve followed this blog at all in the past, or even if you just look at the post history, you’ll see that my activity has been very, very slow over the past couple years.  That’s really been the result of a few things.  First, I’ve been pretty busy doing actual work, but that’s a pretty poor excuse.

The larger problem was that the blog engine I was using – a version of dasBlog from probably 10 years ago – was just really, really clunky to use.  It was painful any time I wanted to post anything – especially if it had images, or code.  And something in it’s pages often would cause client browsers to just hang.  Nothing like getting half way through a long post and having the browser seize up, everything to be lost and me to start cussing.

So over the past couple days, I installed PHP, MySQL and WordPress on my server, then migrated all of the old dasBlog content to the new engine . At least I hope it all got migrated – if you are searching for something and can’t find it let me know.  I still have full copies of the old install.

My plan now is to post more frequently.  You’ll still see code problems that I think are interesting, and I plan to do more part of the “Software Development Series“, but I think I’ll also be posting more thoughts of business and strategy.  Why we make the decisions we do, and what I think I see in the tea leaves of our industry.

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