New home for zlib for Windows CE

Occasionally I’m surprised at how old software never seems to really die off.  Take for example an old port I did of the zlib compression library to Windows CE.  Back in probably ’05 I built the original sources for the Windows CE platform.  In ’07 I created a managed wrapper for the library and some samples on how to use that library.  I put it on the web and then pretty much forgot about it.

Well when we migrated our web site to a new server, some old links died and this just happened to be one of them (if you know of others, please let me know) and today I got an email from someone asking if I still had the code.  Sure, it wasn’t the day things went down, but it still means not only was someone looking for it, the cared enough to email me and ask.

For those looking for it, it’s got a new, hoipefully more permanent home on Codeplex:


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