MTConnect Updates

I’ve published new updates to our MTConnect projects on Codeplex. Both the MTConnect SDK and the VirtualAgent have changes and for detailed info take a look at the change logs in the Source tabs on the project.  Here’s a high-level list of what I think the important additions are:

  • I’ve added a fully working reference implementation of an MTConnect Adapter for Okuma THINC controllers (full source is included).  If you have an Okuma machine with a THINC-supported controller on it, you now have a simple agent and adapter you can drop onto the machine to start publishing data immediately. I hope to find time to put together a reference implementation for Fanuc FOCAS controllers.  If you’re interested or in need of that support, let me know and we can discuss prioritizing it and the features you need.

  • I’ve added support for SHDR adapters.  At the [MC]2 conference in Cincinnati there was concern that once you selected an Agent technology (either ours or the reference MTConnect C++ Agent), then you were locked in to creating Adapters only for that Agent.  That is no longer the case.  Our Virtual Agent now can easily consume data from your existing C/C++ Adapters written against the reference Agent.  No changes are required in your existing Adapters at all.

If you have any questions on implementation, etc, feel free to contact me.  For more info on our entire line of MTConnect products, take a look at our web site.

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