Another Open Source Project: OpenNETCF Extensions

Like most people, the more projects I work on the more I find myself reusing common bits and pieces of code. For the past year or so I’ve been collecting these pieces into a library I called OpenNETCF.Extensions.  The name was becasue they originally started as a set of extension methods that helped me to compile one code base for Windows Phone, the Compact Framework and the full framework, but it eventually started expanding in scope.  I added a fairly robust set of method for validation, a set of classes for helpiing make REST clients, a class for a circular buffer (FIFO) and generally anything I found myself using on multiple projects.

Since many of those projects are already open-source, it started becoming a pain maintaining a single, controlled source for these helpers.  So in an attempt to centralize it, I’ve created yet one more open source project.  My plan now is to have all of the consuming projects only use binary releases from this project.

So, with that said, go ahead and check out the new MIT-licensed OpenNETCF Extensions project over on Codeplex.

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