Release of OpenNETCF MTConnect VirtualAgent

I’ve been extremely busy for the past few months putting together a cross-platform MTConnect Agent.  The result, along with our other MTConnect offerings, is the OpenNETCF MTConnect VirtualAgent, which is shared source (MIT license) and runs under either the Compact Framework (3.5) or the Full Framework.  The default implementation uses Padarn as the web server, but it’s designed to deliver content through an interface so that can, in theory, be swapped out pretty easily (I say in theory because I’ve not tested it with another server at this point).

The VirtualAgent offers a boatlod of interesting things that a general Agent doesn’t most notably the ability to load up custom Adapters that you can use to encapsulate a process model or even drive control logic.  We’ve got a simple example of a Hosted Adapter in the code base now and will be adding more complete and robust samples as time progresses.

At any rate, if you need to get a machine tool (or really any sort of device) publishing MTConnect data on a plant floor, we’ve got a solution that can get you there in well under a day in most cases and at a remarkably low cost.

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