Updates to open source RAS library

I “own” a whole lot of open/shared source projects over on Codeplex (MTConnect, IoC, ORM, FTP, RAS, TAPI, RAPI, Serial, Barcode and a few others).  I also have a job that requires that I do work for paying customers, so often the open source projects tend to languish with little attention.  How do I decide when to allocate time to one of those open source projects?  Well a really good way to get me to do work on it is to pay me to fix a bug.  Shocking, I know.

Earlier this week a customer asked me to help them out with some RAS problems they were having.  The library worked fine on their Pocket PC 2003 devices but failed on the CE 4.2 devices (yes, both old, but when someone owns a lot of old devices that function, it’s hard to argue that they should upgrade).  They overnighted me a device and said they’d pay for me to try to get it working.  One thing that I like about the shared projects is that everyone benefits from the fruits of that effort.  I’ve rolled the fixes back into the public source for the OpenNETCF.Net.Ras library.

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