Updates to ORM and IoC projects

We’ve shipped a first version of a customer project.  That’s always good news, but the benefit to the community at large is that updates, improvements and fixes to both the ORM and IoC projects from that project have now propagated to the public code bases.

The IoC changes are pretty minor, which tells me that it’s a pretty robust and mature library on the whole.

ORM had a load of changes in the SQL Compact implementation.  The interface for the DataStore has expanded by several methods due to use-cases I needed methods for and it’s got a whole lot of performance improvements added.  ORM and is now shipping to real-world customers in a handheld product, so I consider it “release” quality.

Be aware that neither project has these changes rolled into a release package yet, so if you want these changes, grab the latest change set from the “Source Code” tab on the appropriate project page.

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