Padarn for XPe/Desktop Windows

IIS is a robust web server.  I’d never try to argue that it isn’t or that Padarn could in any way try to replace it.  There are instances, however, where IIS just isn’t a very good fit, and Padarn really is.  Some examples might be:

  • You want a simple web-based configuration interface for an embedded device
  • You want to expose REST APIs from your device in a small footprint
  • You want to expose data from your device but don’t want users to have to fight configuring IIS
  • You actually have a size limitation and IIS makes it tough to achieve
  • You’d like your WebRequests to not all be in their own AppDomain
  • You’d like to share code assets between Windows CE and Embedded Standard/XPe

Padarn fits all of these scenarios well, and we continue to improve both performance and feature sets.

We just published a set of evaluation binaries compatible with desktop OSes (XP, Vista and Windows 7).  Make sure you’re registered and logged in to see the downloads.

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