New ORM Release

I’ve published a new release of the OpenNETCF.ORM library.  Some notable additions are:

  • The ORM can now detect added Entity fields and automatically add the underlying columns to the store

  • A new Select override can now filter result sets by multiple fields

  • I’ve added a skeleton for a SQLite/Windows Phone 7 project with some implementation

If you have a desire to help me get the WinPhone implementation completed, I really could use the extra help.  I’m pretty busy, and without external help on this I don’t see it getting implemented any time soon (unless we get hired to do a WinPhone project of course).

If you’re not up on what the OpenNETCF ORM library is, in short it’s an open-source ORM that actually works on the CF (NHibernate and Entity Framework do not). 

4 thoughts on “New ORM Release”

  1. Just out of curiosity, how fast is this ORM library?

    We tried Linq-to-Datasets, and found it horribly slow. I had to rework most everything.

    I am now very leery of any non-direct data access on the CF.


  2. It fast enough that since I wrote the ORM library I’ve not used any other mechanism for data access.

    Exact perf depends on the operation. For most operations it’s actually faster than using SQL statements because I optimized it for speed by rarely using the query processor (it uses TableDirect for almost everything) and by caching information between calls to prevent redundant lookups. The tests that ship with the ORM actually have perf comparisons between the ORM and similar direct SQL operations.


  3. @Poul – I don’r currently have any specific documentation, no. There are some tests and samples in the source code that show general usage, but I’ve not yet found time to put together a "usage" document.


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