Don’t have non-technical people make technical sales calls

So I just got off the phone with a Comcast sales person.  I use Comcast for my business internet connection and they wanted to sell me their phone service as well.  Fair enough, but their prices are still higher than what I pay Vonage, and I’m an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of person, so I’m fine staying with what I have.

Next she asked me who I have service through, so I told her Vonage.  At that point she tried a scare tactic on me, which I find a bit disingenuous, unethical (and maybe even legally shaky).  She told me (paraphrasing here) that she had heard reports of people being able to listen to your Vonage calls, even on cell phones when they didn’t intend to.  He claim was that since vonage used “the internet” that it was pretty much open to anyone listening.

So I asked her this.  Since my “internet” is provided through that same Comcast cable that their phone service would be providedd through, how was that any different?  She then backpedaled and told me there were threee “lines” in the cable – one for internet, one for phone and one for fax.  I should have asked what line the TV broadcast would come through if I had that, or that when I look at the wire I only see one line.

I then informed her that I was fine continuing my Vonage service.  She again tried the scare tactic and asked “so you don’t care if people can listen to your business conversations?” 

I told her that I actually didn’t care.  If someone wan’t to listen to the infrequent and usually boring phone conversations I have they’re more than welcome to.  I’m not doing any super-secret spy stuff, and our value is our experience, and you can’t steal that through my phone line.

What I will be doing, however, is shopping for a new internet provider.

3 thoughts on “Don’t have non-technical people make technical sales calls”

  1. Hello Chris,

    My name is Melissa Mendoza and I work for Comcast Headquarters in Philadelphia. I would like to apologize for the poor experience we created here. I’d like to review this with the agent involved as well as her management team. Please email us the details of the call (phone number on your account and the approximate time of the phone call) along with a link to this post. I can certainly understand how this experience would put us


  2. That is a sweet post! I always love to hear when calls like that stumble on someone who knows more about the "scare tactic" than the one using it.

    I also think it is funny how quick Comcast’s bots found this post and dispatched a commenter for damage control. They must get a lot of this kind of thing if they have a system to be able to pick up on a negative post in under an hour and a half.


  3. They followed up with a phone call as well, so yes, their bots are pretty good at finding this stuff, tell me that this certainly isn’t an isolated incident. They did at least have a real person call me and apologize several times, so I at least consider that to be a positive thing. I’m still not going to use them for voice but, for now at least, I’ll keep them for my network provider.


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