OpenNETCF.ORM update

I’ve been using the OpenNETCF.ORM library on a shipping project for a while now.  As expected, as I add features to the product, I’ve found problems and limitations with the ORM that I’ve addressed.  This morning I merged that branch back with the trunk available on Codeplex, so there’s a whole new set of code available.  New features include:

  • Better handling of reference fields
  • Cascading inserts
  • Cascading deletes
  • Expanded capabilities for filtering on deletes
  • Added support for more data types, including the “object” type
  • Support for ROWGUID column

What it really needs now is a definitive sample application and documentation.  If you’d like to volunteer to work on either, I’d really appreciate it. 

9 thoughts on “OpenNETCF.ORM update”

  1. Hi Chris,
    I downloaded your code I am trying to check 3g signal level when I need to send data.
    Could you please tell me which part of your code is related with that if you have any solution for that?


  2. @rohit – it depends on your exact needs. Adding a Relationship attribute to a field will automatically join 1:n parent-child entities. See the sample database and unit tests for an example.


  3. Hello,
    I am using OpenNetCF.ORM.I have designed a entity as –

    public class Users
    [Field(IsPrimaryKey = true)]
    public int UserId { get; set; }

    [Field(SearchOrder= FieldSearchOrder.Ascending)]
    public string UserName { get; set; }

    public string Password { get; set; }


    But when i am search a user by its name then it give me exception of Field "SearchOrderRequiredException".


  4. How can i do this in this ORM – >
    suppose i have to search data from database By order by on the columns.
    like this – Select * From table Where col1 = ‘value’ Order by col2, col3


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