OpenNETCF IoC: Now supporting WinPhone!

Today I decided to finally get around to testing out the IoC core library on Windows Phone 7.  Of course I couldn’t be lucky enough for it to just compile out of the box and work. The usage of the Control class for marshaling events made it a little bit challenging, but it really didn’t require a whole lot of code changes to get the code base to continue to work for the Desktop, the Compact Framework and Windows Phone.  The latest release now has a solution and a Silverlight project for WinPhone.

Why would you want to use this IoC container?  Well I use it becasue it’s lightweight and because I can use the same framework everywhere.  I don’t have to learn a new framework when I’m using the desktop, the CF and now the phone.  It keeps my life simpler and allows better code reuse for me.

One thought on “OpenNETCF IoC: Now supporting WinPhone!”

  1. Hello. Thank you so much for this library! I try to add to my “Windows Phone 8” project. Can you tell me if it is possible to use it in my windows phone application to execute “PING” queries ? Thanks a lot


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