OpenNETCF.IoC : Location Module

Since I use the OpenNETCF.IoC framework in just about every project I do any more, you can imagine I’ve created a pretty good collection of Modules and Services for common business problems I run into.  I’ve decided that I’m going to start putting some of these out in the public domain along with the framework and my first release is the OpenNETCF.Location module.  It’s basically a module that prvides a GPS location service (GpsService to be exact). 

The default implementation is wrapper around the GPS intermediate driver, but it’s not using the CF classes that Microsoft ships with the WinMo SDKs.  I looked at Microsoft’s implementation and it felt really ugly to me, so I rewrote it the way it should have been done in the first place.  I don’t yet have a simple sample application extracted for it (I have apps that use it, but they’re too complex for a sample), but I’ll add one as time permits.

The code is part of the latest change set (49823) – it’s not yet in the release download – so if you want it, get it off of the Source Code page.

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