Reports of CE’s death are exaggerated

Microsoft has been very quiet for the past few years with regards to the Windows CE OS and this has lead to quite a bit of speculation about the demise of the OS.  Since the OS is still the underpinning of both Zune and the upcoming Windows Phone 7, it’s hard to imagine that the OS is going away but the rumors persist.  It certainly doesn’t help that Microsoft was long silent on the matter (and even what they have finally said is pretty nebulous) or that they still haven’t given us any clear indication of what the development story is going to be.

One new bright spot that indicates their commitment to the platform as a general embedded offering is their new posting of a job position for an Technical Evangelist for the platform.  This is *not* a position for espousing WinPhone or Zune, but purely Windows CE (or Windows Embedded Compact if you prefer the newer marketing spin).

Maybe this signals a new ramp-up and commitment to us lowly, knuckle-dragger embedded developers.  Once can hope anyway.

3 thoughts on “Reports of CE’s death are exaggerated”

  1. I’m not entirely sure the title is correct. Although, as you mention, Microsoft is investing time and money in the system, I am not certain that their marketing can swallow the gap that was created by the slow improvement of the OS compared with Android and Embedded Linux. I am saying this because just recently I have encountered a chip vendor that for the first time said that Windows CE support was not guaranteed due to low demand for the OS. This means that there is a low demand for the Mobile version as well.
    I do hope that Microsoft will somehow do some magic and increase its market share in the embedded market (meaning with the CE and not the stripped down Windows 7).


  2. Can’t answer that, but I can say that I later found a product with Windows CE 7 that is based on this chipset. I guess someone in the sales/marketing is not at sync…


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