Project Resistance: iPhone Edition

Today has been a slow day here for Project Resistance because I’m neck deep in writing other code.  I did manage to get the gesture events for the Tolernace band on the ResistorView plumbed in so now you can swipe up/down with your finger and it actually changes the band color (though I noticed I need to fix a couple images) and it updates a second View with a text representation of the tolerance. Right now that view looks like an engineer created it, so no screen shot today – I’d rather not embarass myself.

On another, more fun note, fellow MVP and iPhone development author Christopher Fairbairn has started an iPhone port of Project Resistance.  He’s also started blogging about his project.  Looking at his posts and how easy a time he’s having so far makes me almost jealous.  If it weren’t for the facts that you have to subject your eyes to the abomination known as Objective-C and you have to work on a Mac I just might be.  It should be interesting to see how the two projects track toward getting a product to market.  So far we’re both just barely out of the gate.

One thought on “Project Resistance: iPhone Edition”

  1. An intersting contrast between the ammount of UI code you each had to write. It would be pretty interesting to see how easy it would be to port your app using Monotouch.


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