Project Resistance Day 2 : Unit tests, gestures and Registering with Microsoft

I didn’t have a whole lot of time today to code on Project Resistance, so it didn’t progress as far as I’d have liked, but I did get a few important things done.  First off I got the unit test project added to SCC after being admonished by Nick

I did a little bit of coding for the placement of the color bands on the resistor (though I’m not actually drawing them as anything but a rectangle right now).  This allowed me to code in “gestures” for them.  The idea is that you’ll be able to put your finger/stylus on a band and swipe up or down to change the color (instead of popping up a menu or something).  Right now the gestures are plumbed all the way to the debug output.

I also started the process of becoming a registered developer for the Windows Marketplace for Mobile (seriously Microsoft, can you quit with these long names?  Notice how “App Store” is 2 syllables?).  Since I’ve pretty much ignored all of the info that’s been pushed out to us on how this works, I’m actually a pretty good test case. 

I started the process with a Bing search for “windows mobile application certification” which apparently was a good choice since the first result led me where I wanted to be: the page on the “Application Certification Program”.

To be honest, this page is going to cause confusion.  I want to create and sell a WinMo app.  Why are there two separates paths to get there.  Please, Microsoft, let’s streamline this.  Give me one path.  I understand that some people want just the “designed for WinMo” logo and not to put the app in the WMM (my lazy typing acronym), and that’s fine. WMM certification should simply be an added step, not a completely separate process.

At any rate, I know we’re after a WMM app, so I reviewed the “Prohibited Application Types” document.  Seems like a reasonable list, and as long as we stay away from resistor-ads and resistor-porn it seems we’ll be fine.

Next I filled out the WINDOWS® MARKETPLACE FOR MOBILE REGISTRATION form.  Refreshingly short as far as forms go.  There was one oddity, though. When I entered my email address for the company email I got and error:

“The e-mail address provided for the corporate contact cannot be the same as the account holder’s e-mail address. Please provide an alternate email address for the corporate contact.”


This seems a bit ridiculous. What about the single developer shop?  Why should they have to have 2 emails?  If someone wants to subvert this, using a distribution list would work so I see zero value in this this as a constraint.  Sure, it’s a small bump in the process, but if Microsoft is after seamless and smooth these things add up.


I ponied up my $99 and I’m perfectly okay with that.  If I’m going to make my living off of software, then $99 is really nothing.  It’s way less than we spend on tools, hardware or even coffee.


Now all I have to do is wait for GeoTrust to contact me “to complete the Identity Verification Process”.  No idea how long that might take, but I’ll blog when it happens so you get a feel for how long this takes.


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