Added CommonServiceLocator support to OpenNETCF.IoC

It’s been a while since I did any check-ins to the OpenNETCF.IoC framework.  It’s not due to lack of interest or lack of thought on my part.  I’ve just been very, very busy lately.  We’ve now using the IoC project in a few commercial applications with very good results, so there isn’t a whole lot more to add (though I do want to add some sort of lifecycle management capabilities).

In the hope of getting a little more adoption of the framework, I’ve added an adapter to OpenNETCF.IoC for the Microsoft Patterns and Practices CommonServiceLocator (CSL).  You can use CSL code to extract object instances from the Items collection.  My hope is that this makes it easier for development teams using CSL to integrate OpenNETCF.IoC into their mobile and embedded projects.

If you have any other ideas or feature requests for OpenNETCF.IoC, by all means submit a request or start a discussion on the project site.  And if you’re using it, I’m always interested to see how it’s working out.

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