Fingerprint authentication with C#

When you hire a consultant you’re not simply getting someone to sling code (if that’s what you want, hire a contractor).  Sure we do that, but we bring along a lot of experience, and quite often a plethora of code libraries.  We tend to see a wide variety of applications and tend to build up wide repositories of knowledge.  For example we’re just putting finishing touches on a C# wrapper for using the Anviz SM2000 fingerprint reader.  It’s a low-cost OEM module that seems to perform pretty well.  So if you’re building a custom Windows CE (now Windows Embedded Compact to be true to Microsoft’s marketing engine) device where you need fingerprint authentication, we could have you enrolling and authenticating fingerprints from a managed application very, very quickly instead of you spending a week or more trying to build up code from a not-so-clear spec document.

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