OpenNETCF.IoC Update

I’ve released yet another version of the OpenNETCF.IoC Framework.  This release has a few minor fixes over what I shipped last week, but more important is that it includes the start for a more complete example.  The new sample shows how to dynamically load modules based on a configuration XML document and how to use the DeckWorkspace.

If you’re using the framework, please let me know.  I see that it’s been downloaded and we’re getting some questions and bug reports, so I know that people are at least testing it out, but I’ve gotten no feedback as to whether anyone finds it useful of not.

2 thoughts on “OpenNETCF.IoC Update”

  1. We have used mcsf over 2 years and in many projects. It has brought a good application architecture model and lots of good patterns and helper blocks for our projects. I have heard lots of complaints about it’s slowness and complexity but for us it has been a hit. MS P&P team didn’t upgrade mcsf to support vs2008 and cf3.5 and that is a pity.
    Like you have told you have done OpenNETCF.IoC MS P&P teams scsf framework in your mind. Mcsf was ported from original scsf but never get same new version upgrades like scsf got.

    In mcsf i like most Composite Application Block (CAB) part (services, loosely coupled modules, event pubs/subs, workspaces and smartparts).

    What i have checked your code tells me that you have managed to build a lot simplified cab with still all these nice features within. You use same common model scsf and mcsf uses and it is quite a easy task to port old mcsf apps to your framework or just start creating new apps.

    MS P&P team has started mobile application blocks project in that upgrades old mcsf blocks to vs2008 and cf3.5. They have also new kind of CAB which base block is nice, feature rich and efficient DI container but it is not compatible with old mcsf model.

    I am missing in your framework workitemcontroller (supervisor controller) that glues separate presenters and views together in module level (works for our model). I also would like to see background thread support for event subscription.

    Your framework with new upgraded mobile application blocks looks like a upgraded mcsf.



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