Adding Model View Presenter to OpenNETCF.IoC Framework

I’m in the middle of adding a Passive View Model-View-Presenter(MVP) framework to the OpenNETCF IoC Framework.  I just checked in a working version (it’s in the source downloads, not as a release).  If you’re interested and want to have a say in how it ends up, go ahead and download it and give me your feedback.  There’s a simple usage example in source control.

3 thoughts on “Adding Model View Presenter to OpenNETCF.IoC Framework”

  1. Hi,

    i love the idea of a lightweight IoC framework, so keep up the good work. I am actually trying to do a little UI framework for my projects, and i am really interested in your MVP solution.

    P.S. I just saw Constanze Kratel’s interview with you, and noticed this line:
    "If it’s UI, you don’t want me anywhere near to!"
    In rispect of this part of the project it’s just funny 🙂
    (I understood what you ment.)


  2. Hi,

    i’ve tried to download it both from SVN and TFS, but for some reason IoC.UI is inaccessible. IoC, IoCSample, IoCUnitTest and MVPsample got down, but MVPsample obviously won’t compile.



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