Calling all Student Developers

One gripe I’ve had for a long time is that to do smart device app development you have to have the Pro version of Studio, which will set you back about a grand.  It’s been a while since I was in high school or college, but I can’t imagine it’s too easy to find that kind of change couch fishing (and if you did would you actually use it for a dev tool?).  Well Microsoft has at least made it easier for students with the new DreamSpark program (I’m not so keen on the name, but the idea is great).  You can now get the tools for free.

Now if only we can get them to make it easier for the hobbiest to get into the game….

One thought on “Calling all Student Developers”

  1. Also, if you are a student member of IEEE (which is only about $30/year) you get just about ANY Microsoft software product for free! This includes server software, office, and just about anything else you could want from MS…


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