SDF 2.3: Controlling Radio Power

We still need to put together a list of “what’s new” in SDF 2.3 – it’s a bit of a challenge, and we’re a little busy here – but in the meantime I’ll try to blog about some of the features that come to mind.

One simple new item if the ability to change radio power states (WiFi, Bluetooth and Phone) on WinMo devices.  Here’s a quick example of how it might be done:

using OpenNETCF.WindowsMobile;

namespace SmartDeviceProject1
   public static class Utility
     public static void SetWifiRadioPower(bool turnOn)
       foreach (IRadio radio in Radios.GetRadios())
         if (radio is WiFiRadio)
           radio.RadioState = turnOn ? RadioState.On : RadioState.Off;

2 thoughts on “SDF 2.3: Controlling Radio Power”

  1. This works great on Windows Mobile. Just curious if it could be made to work on non-Windows Mobile, CE 5.0 devices.
    Any chance?
    – jevans


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