Now Soliciting Suggestions and Feedback

Smart Device Framework 2.3 is really close to release – we’ve frozen the code base and have been working on the installer (a large chunk of work since we’re getting it fully automated).  The hope is that with all of this CI infrastructure in place, we’ll be able to turn SDF releases far more frequently (right now it’s taken over a month to go from the decision to release to get where we are – and the release still hasn’t shipped). 

In order to turn out releases more often, we need ideas for features to add – after all we need a reason to release.  This is where you come in.  Navigate over to the SDF Product Page and you’ll see a new “Feedback” widget over on the side (courtesy of UserVoice).Click on it and create or vote for feature ideas.

We’ve also added the widget to the Padarn page, so if you’ve a Padarn user, let us know what you’d like to see there too.

Smart Device Framework Suggestions

Padarn Suggestions

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