New Community Article: GDI Performance

We’ve published a new article on the OpenNETCF Community Site titled “Native vs. Managed Code: GDI Performance


In it, I look at the performance differences between native and managed code making GDI calls.

In case you missed them, our other recently published articles include:

  • Performance Implications of Crossing the P/Invoke Boundary
  • An Introduction to WCF for Device Developers
  • Getting a Millisecond-Resolution DateTime under Windows CE
  • Using GDI+ on Windows Mobile
  • Sharing Windows Mobile Ink with the Desktop
  • OpenNETCF Mobile Ink Library for Windows Mobile 6
  • Improving Data Access Performance with Data Caching
  • Developing Connected Smart Device Applications with SqlClient
  • Debugging Without ActiveSync
  • Image Manipulation in Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Don’t Fear the Garbage Collector

All of our articles are available online at:

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