Emulator Manager Object Model

OpenNETCF is in the midst of some major infrastructure updates to get automated unit testing of device assemblies working with Team Foundation Server.  Let’s just say that it’s nowhere near a simple task.

As part of the work, we needed to automate access to the Device Emulator using the Microsoft-supplied Automation Interfaces.  Their C++ and WScript samples for usage leave a bit to be desired, so we wrapped them in an object-oriented model to provide at least a skeletal framework for launching, resetting, saving state etc.  The classes haven’t been heavily tested and the test harness for the classes is very basic, but it’s a good starting point, and the download (below) is what we’re using in our continuous integration process, so it’s definitely functional.

We’re releasing this source under the MIT X-11 license.  If you make updates and want to submit them back to us, we’ll be happy to integrate them, but it’s not required.

Download the source and test harness here

One thought on “Emulator Manager Object Model”

  1. This looks really great. Thanks a lot for sharing – I’m going to try to integrate this tool with NUnitLite for testing…


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