OpenNETCF is now a Technology?

We’ve had a little bit of a brand confusion problem for a while now.  Many people incorrectly refer to our Smart Device Framework library as “OpenNETCF” – so you hear things like “I’m using OpenNETCF version 2.1” which is a bit annoying.  OpenNETCF is the company name.  We have multiple products.  You’re not using Microsoft 8.0 are you?  “Hey look at how smart I am!  I listen to music on my Apple 4.0.”

But it seems to have gotten worse.  A friend just sent me a clip of a resume he received.  Of course it seems to have way more on it than a person probably would know having graduated probably 2 or 3 years ago (it’s clipped, but I assume that the candidate was at UT for probably 2 years) but note the list of technologies.

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