OpenNETCF in the Classroom

We here at OpenNETCF are huge proponents of teaching technology in an academic environment.  It still surprises me that both Mobile and Embedded computing are entwined in our everyday lives and their presence is growing rapidly, yet very, very few schools offer any sort of courses covering them. 

That’s why it’s always interesting to see that when mobile development is being taught, students sometimes turn to our libraries for the exact same reasons that non-academic customers do – so they can get more done in less time (I’ve always considered people that won’t use third party tools foolish, as they spend a lot of time and opportunity cost developing something that’s already been done).

If you’re looking for a school that actually teaches material that is relevent in our industry, Georgia Tech seems to have a pretty strong mobile and embedded curriculum.  I just saw that a team put together a war-walking application this semester using the SDF.  We’ve shipped them some more software and we’re keen to see how they use it in the coming semesters.

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