Cleaning house

In my line of work it’s pretty common to get zipped up packages containing source for a project from a customer.  Unfortunately iot’s also really, really common for those zip files to be bloated will all sorts of garbage from the build, and it’s irritating – I just received a 25MB file from a customer this morning.

Typically I go through and manually delete stuff to clean it up, but this solution had a lot of subfolders, and I’m a fan of automating anything you’ve done more than twice, so I took this as an opportunity to generate a utility that does this clean up for me. 

Version 1 is very basic – it should have some command-line options, etc – but it gets the job done and changing behavior to add other files/folders/extensions is simple (see the source).  Right now it will delete any files with the following extensions: .suo, .user, .scc, .vssscc, .vspscc, .pdb and any folder with one of these names: bin, obj, Debug, Release, TempPE.

The tool and full source is available for download here

Basically if you use it and lose some all-important data then consider that an object lesson in the virtues of source control free of charge.

Here’s hoping that people start using it *before* sending me packages. If not it’s still useful for recovering drive space and cleaning up project folders before putting them in source control.

1 thought on “Cleaning house”

  1. I’ve written a similiar program for my work that’s required to be run before a check-in. My only suggestion: Instead of deleting files, send things to the recycle bin if it’s available.


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