SDF Sample: Reading a text file into a string

I’ve got a text file on the device that’s stored in [ASCII/Unicode]. Sure, I can create a System.IO.Stream derivative, read the data and close it, but I’d like something simpler. What can the SDF do for me?

The OpenNETCF.IO.FileHelper class provides some useful methods to explore.  Take a look at these snippets:

string fileContents;
fileContents = OpenNETCF.IO.FileHelper.ReadAllText(“MyASCIIFile.txt”, Encoding.ASCII);
fileContents = OpenNETCF.IO.FileHelper.ReadAllText(“MyUnicodeFile.txt”, Encoding.Unicode);

string[] linesOfTextFile;
linesOfTextFile = OpenNETCF.IO.FileHelper.ReadAllLines(“MyASCIIFile.txt”, Encoding.ASCII);
linesOfTextFile = OpenNETCF.IO.FileHelper.ReadAllLines(“MyUnicodeFile.txt”, Encoding.Unicode);

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