MobileConnections Presentation Materials

If you attended one of my presentations at the MobileConnections conference, below are direct links to the PPTs and the Sample Applications I showed (if the links aren’t active try again in a while as I FTP them up).

Compact Framework 2.0 and the Smart Device Framework 2.0
Presentation PPT
Sample Apps
Get the SDF here

Memory Management in the Compact Framework 2
Presentation PPT
Sample App
Blog Entry on Bitmaps and OOM

Sharing Assets between the CF and the Full Framework
Presentation PPT
ADT CodePlex project

Update (Nov 13, 06): The ‘Sharing Assets…” presentation material originally came from Daniel Moth.  Unfortunately several very useful links in the footer of a few slides did not make the transition into the template for this show.  This omission does a disservice to those looking at the material, as they point to far deeper looks at some of the individual topics discussed.  Below are the links that I highly recommend that you visit, as they give much better insight than just the slides.

Slide 3: Visual Studio For Devices – See Resx compatibility for Smart Device projects
Slide 9: CF-Specific classes v2.0 – See Not a Strict subset
Slide 10: Windows Mobile 5.0 – See Microsoft.Windows.Mobile
Slide 11: CF CLR – See JIT
Slide 12: PPC versus Desktop – See Desktop to PPC (Part A)
Slide 16: CF Assemblies on PC – See Retagetable (=256)
Slide 17: Share the code, not the binary – See Share Code (#if FULL_FRAME)
Slide 20: How VS2005 & CF v2.0 improved the Everett story – See Deploy to My Computer

2 thoughts on “MobileConnections Presentation Materials”

  1. Using my presentation is absolutely fine, but stripping out my URLs from my slides is just very poor and totally uncool… Tell me it was someone else that did that as it is unexpected coming from you.


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