Finding new music you like

As I get older and busier I’ve found that I seem to have a hard time keeping up with artists that produce music I like.  The radio only plays familiar new stuff over and over and is a poor way to get informed, and I don’t really have the time to go blog hunting to find someone with similar tastes and then look at their play lists, then look at each band.  I want simplicity.

Today I found Pandora, and I found it works beautifully.  Basically you put in a group or song you like and it just starts playing random songs that it thinks you might like based on that.  You can tune it like a TiVo – telling what you do and don’t like (though I’ve not had to say no to anything yet).  Even more impressive is that it will give you an explanation of why it picked the song it’s playing.

They have a revenue model as well – you can buy the song directly from iTunes or the entire album from Amazon from the interface, which means that they may stay around a while to continue bringing us music.


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