OpenNETCF Consulting is Growing

If you’re familiar with OpenNETCF, you know that we started as just a group of developers who wanted to improve the development experience for the community working with the .NET Compact Framework.  We created the Smart Device Framework and have answered innuerable questions in public arenas like the public newsgroups, the MSDN Forums as well as our own forums.

All of this work has always been for free, and on the side as we all had day jobs that we had to do to pay the bills.  Well that’s changed a bit (and is still changing), and it occured to me that I really hadn’t made the fact public.  Sure, we started OpenNETCF Consulting as an avenue to allow people to get professional support and services from us a year or so ago, but because we all had day jobs, it made taking on most larger scale projects was out of the question.

A few months ago Mark Arteaga became our first “full time employee.”  I put that in quotes because technically he’s not a full time employee, but he is working full time on OpenNETCF services and products.

About 2 months ago, I quit my regular job at Applied Data Systems.  It was a scary move, but ever since I’ve been insanely busy so it seems to be working out well.

And now yesterday was Neil‘s last day with Conchango.  So that means OpenNETCF Consulting has 3 full-time developers on staff and ready to work on your mobile projects, and we have plans to add more when we have the work to support it.

This also means we’ll be releasing commercial products in the near future.  Stay tuned.


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