Time and Timezone functions in SDF 2.0

SDF 2.0 continues to have functionality for working with the time and time zones for devices.  The differences from SDF 1.x are a namespace change, a classname change (don’t believe the beta docs or the beta, these have changed since that drop), and under the hood a lot more internal checks are going on to head off errors and to provide correct device support.  Basically this one has been pretty heavily tested across a broad range of devices.

Some quick highlights:

Getting and Displaying a List of Time Zones

using OpenNETCF.WindowsCE;

// get and display all available zones
TimeZoneCollection tzc = new TimeZoneCollection();

foreach (TimeZoneInformation tzi in tzc)

Displaying the Currently Set Time Zone

using OpenNETCF.WindowsCE;

// get and display the currrent zone

TimeZoneInformation currentTz = new TimeZoneInformation();
DateTimeHelper.GetTimeZoneInformation(ref currentTz);
lblCurrentZone.Text = currentTz.StandardName;

Setting the Current Time Zone (from the Listing above)

using OpenNETCF.WindowsCE;

(lstZones.SelectedItem != null)
    TimeZoneInformation tzi = (TimeZoneInformation)lstZones.SelectedItem;

    // this verifies that the time zone did indeed get changed
    TimeZoneInformation tz = new TimeZoneInformation(
    MessageBox.Show(“Current Timezone in Registry is:rn” 
        + tz.StandardName, “Verified”);

Displaying the Current Time (without DateTime.Now)

using OpenNETCF.WindowsCE;

DateTime dt = DateTimeHelper.SystemTime;

txtHour.Text = dt.Hour.ToString();
txtMinute.Text = string.Format(“{0:00}”, dt.Minute);
txtSecond.Text = string.Format(“{0:00}”, dt.Second);

Setting The Current System Time (Local Time is Analogous)

using OpenNETCF.WindowsCE;

// get the current time so we can copy the date part

DateTime dt = DateTimeHelper.SystemTime;

DateTimeHelper.SystemTime = new DateTime(dt.Year, dt.Month, dt.Day,
    int.Parse(txtHour.Text), int.Parse(txtMinute.Text), int.Parse(txtSecond.Text));


7 thoughts on “Time and Timezone functions in SDF 2.0”

  1. I’m not seeing any support for Daylight Savings – all the daylight savings times are 0 – is there something lacking in the SDF support? or is there possibly a missing config file on my device?



  2. Hi All,

    While using: DateTimeHelper.SetTimeZoneInformation(tzi);

    If I try to set "Eastern Time" as in the normal GMT-5 Eastern Standard/Daylight. The control pannel shows Indiana Time both are -300 minutes but have different standard / daylight rules.

    The same problem occurs with "Central Time" also, it shows "Canadian Central Time" in control panel.

    Mayank Parmar
    +91 9727748789


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