Debugging in CE

Everyone that’s done much development in CE knows about Doug Boling’s definitive article on CE memory management.  If you’ve not read it, you should – if you have read it it doesn’t hurt to read it again.  Go ahead and click the link – I’ll wait here for you….

Done reading?  Good.  Now let’s take a deeper look through the magic of blog voyeurism (yes, I’m not giving any info here other than links – I’m lazy).  Back in February, John Eldridge talked about how to tell if a debug symbol is even correctly being reported, and it good info.  Again, I’ll wait while you read….

Now this got Sue Loh to thinking about what he said and a couple days later she put together a fantastic blog entry on making sense virtual addresses.  This one is short, but the info in it is invaluable if you do any amount of debugging at all.  No clue how I missed it until today, but it’s one that every CE developer should read.

She then followed that up with an entry that shows how to go from an address to a symbol, allowing you to make use of that cryptic crap that Data Aborts give.

So there you go, links to some of the most valuable debugging information I’ve probably ever read, all in one place.  If you have other good debugging links, post them in the comments.

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