5 thoughts on “Deploying CF 2.0 Applications with CAB and MSI Files”

  1. Chris,

    This is for the new version of VS, right? I don’t have it yet but your article looks well written and very well structured! Congratulations on an excellent piece! That must have taken more than a little time to write!



  2. Chris,

    I sure hope you get your payment, I’ve learned through a similiar experience to receive an initial payment before starting a project.

    I am wondering if you have any leads for me on how to start an application after installing a cab to the pocket pc. Basically, I would like to automatically start the application that was just installed.

    Also, I will install a custom dll to the Windows folder and register the DLL. I need to soft reboot after the install but haven’t found any resources that explain how to do this.

    I’ve checked the web on ‘cab file structure’ and ‘ceappmanager’ and found nothing. Greatful if you can point me in the right direction. Please email me if you have any questions (bosco@touchsoftworks.com).



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