Smart Device Framework 1.4 Released!

Finally!  We’ve released SDF 1.4.  What’s new you ask?  Well here’s a quick list (which I extracted from check-in comments from the source Vault – you can do the same to see exactly what the changes are):

  • Bluetooth support added

  • Serial.GPS mods to standardize naming

  • Diagnostics.DebugMessage and RetailMessage

  • Bug fixes in TimeZoneCollection and DateTimeEx

  • Bug Fix in XmlSerializer for GUIDs

  • EventWaitHandle.WaitOne bug fix

  • Additions and fixes for AccessPoint and Adapter classes

  • Bug fix in StreamInterfaceDriver.DeviceIoControl

  • ThreadEx.RealTimePrioority added

  • Updated BatteryLife designer

  • Updated DateTimePicker Designer

  • Fixes and Updates to Win32Window

  • ApplicationEx fix for modal Forms and thread safety added

  • FTP bug fixes

  • ControlEx added support for WM_COMMAND

  • DeviceMonitor adds RequestDeviceNotifications

  • SelectedIndexChanged fix in ComboBoxEx

  • WS and WS_EX updated to remove unsupported styles

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