I often start on a project with the best of intentions to finish, but then something else comes up and I get side tracked.  I was going through code this morning and came across one such example from when I was doing the Travelling Salesman Problem on a device.  Someone on a newsgroup said a device wasn’t powerful enough to do it – I thought that was BS, so I sat down and started coding.  Of course then other things came up and this ended up unfinished (though it’s probably only a day of work away).  I did get far enough to do Help documentation for it.

Knowing myself and the list of things I need to do, I’m probably not going to get back to it any time soon, so if someone else wants the mental exercise, feel free to finish what I’ve done.

1 thought on “OpenNETCF.GeneticAlgorithm”

  1. Chris,

    This looks good. You should finish this. I’m just finishing Beta2 of GAI.NET. I’m hoping to do a GP workbench in the near future as well (among other things).

    GA/GP/EC are are excellent problem solvers/reducers in their appropriate spaces.



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