I often start on a project with the best of intentions to finish, but then something else comes up and I get side tracked.  I was going through code this morning and came across one such example from when I was doing the Travelling Salesman Problem on a device.  Someone on a newsgroup said a device wasn’t powerful enough to do it – I thought that was BS, so I sat down and started coding.  Of course then other things came up and this ended up unfinished (though it’s probably only a day of work away).  I did get far enough to do Help documentation for it.

Knowing myself and the list of things I need to do, I’m probably not going to get back to it any time soon, so if someone else wants the mental exercise, feel free to finish what I’ve done.

One thought on “OpenNETCF.GeneticAlgorithm”

  1. Chris,

    This looks good. You should finish this. I’m just finishing Beta2 of GAI.NET. I’m hoping to do a GP workbench in the near future as well (among other things).

    GA/GP/EC are are excellent problem solvers/reducers in their appropriate spaces.



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