A Brief History of OpenNETCF.org

When the Smart Device Extensions (SDE) preview was released for Visual Studio 2002, several members of the mobile development community jumped in and started doing work with it. We individually set out to learn about the new framework and
how we could leverage it for what we were already working on.  During the process we collectively “hung out” in the Microsoft public newsgroups answering questions and providing feedback.

By the time Studio 2003 and CF 1.0 was released we had a pretty good understanding of how things worked.  We also had a good collection of code snippets and quick samples for the common questions it seemed everyone had.  The problem was that we were spending a lot of time cutting and pasting the same answers over and over.

I already had a web site running at InnovativeDSS.com (no longer in existence) with some community forums for another business, so I created some forums specifically for CF development and we started doing brain dumps into it.  Now we didn’t have to paste in the whole answer to a question, but just a link, and it was a rudimentary searchable knowledge base.

It only took a couple months for things to get busy.  The snippets and samples were growing into more and more robust classes.  Neil and I got together and pitched the idea to the rest of the group that maybe we should put it all together in a single framework under a single project name.

We registered a domain name, got Neil’s brother to make us a logo and launched the site.  It started as just a place to download the classes and to hold CF specific forums, but quickly we built and released SDF 1.0 and so we began.

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