The costs of Wiki spam

Well I just read a simple question in the newsgroups that had to do with an InitializeComponents method exceeding the 64k JITted code maximum so I figured I’d post a link to the FAQ on the OpenNETCF Wiki.  I went to get the link and lo and behold once again the wiki was just full of spam.  Rather than go through it page by page an find the changes I pulled down the DB locally and eradicated the spam.  So there’s 45 minutes that I intended to spend working on a white paper that instead went down the toilet. 

I’m at the point that I’ve got no idea how to prevent the spam, and I just don’t have the time to routinely go in and clean the damned thing.  Don’t be surprised if in the near future the Wiki becomes unwikified and we just disable all posting or redirect it back to the forums. It seems that what had the potential for being a useful tool for agregating and disseminating information has been ruined by a few complete jackass spammers.

2 thoughts on “The costs of Wiki spam”

  1. Chris,

    Sorry to hear about the Jack-spammers who wasted your time. I have to paraphrase my favorite quote – to waste someone’s time and to murder them are the same thing; it’s just a difference of degree. (I think it was Frank Herbert who said the original, but I cannot find the original source.)

    To your problem, though. Chris Muench was working on a Wiki for the WE-DIG web site. In it, he was going to have some ability to accept / reject changes. I have no idea how effective this might actually be to deal with the spam problem you describe. Also I have no idea what state it is in, but I will ping him to see whether he might have something that can help out here. (He is going to be at TechEd, so if you are there also you might touch base on the subject.)

    I like your idea of a guitar tuner, by the way. I’m starting to wonder if you are more of a hardware guy than a software guy, though! LOL.



  2. I can’t offer any suggestions without using so many profanities that the FCC would take issue with it. Spam is bad enough, but I ahve to spend so much time cleaning up my blog that it’s getting crazy (Even found there are tools for sale now that some a33hole bought that allow them to copy your entire blog and pretend its theirs). And if this sort of spam really worked, ok, but what are the chances that people reading the OpenNetCf wiki are really looking to enlarge their P3n15 or whatever else. I HATE SPAM and if anyone wants to start a lobbying group to pass a law where anyone caught spamming gets their n4ds smashed with a sledgehammer, I’ll do my part.


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