Synchronous serial with managed code?

At MEDC I had a conversation with Seth Demsey about making a guitar tuner with a Pocket PC.  The challenge is getting analog data into the device and I proposed using an external ADC with an I2C interface using the serial port control lines for the I2C bus.  I’d spent a considerable amount of time over the last couple months working with the SPOT processor  and writing synchronous serial code and our conversation got me to thinking that the work was actually salvageable. 

I refactored a lot of the code so that now it can be used for the Compact Framework or even the Full Framework.  Couple this with the SDF’s serial port classes and you could have an I2C bus running in under 5 minutes on a device or the desktop.  What fun!

Before you say “well the docs are nice, but where do I get the binaries?” let me preemptively answer.  I’ll post binary downloads in the near future as soon as we get the licensing model ironed out.  These classes are not going to use the OpenNETCF Shared Source License.  Instead they will be commercial, for pay items.

Because I still think community access and learning is important for the community, I can tell you that the current plan is to offer the binaries as free for personal, non-commercial use.  Sorry, but only paying customers will get the source.

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